Kyushu U Connect

7月1日(土)に九州大学西新プラザにて,2nd annual Kyushu U Connect "Why should you care about Space?"が開催されます.
Kyushu U Connect is back again this year, and we're taking you out of this world with the theme of 'Space.' Kyushu U's extensive history in space and aeronautics can be traced back even before the very first space age. It was all the way back in 1937 when the the Department of Aerospace Engineering was established, the second ever aeronautics department in Japan. The 21st century has brought about a new space age. As humanity comes to grips with the existential threat of the climate crisis, we continue to look to the stars to explore the depths the universe and human potential. So, we ask you today: Why should you care about space? We will cover everything from space weather, space debris, building materials for space, and the literature that inspires us to the stars. Join us with Kyushu U faculty, students, and science communicators for an afternoon of bilingual exploration beyond mother earth.